We understand things happen. Maybe you forgot to take off your ring before spin class, or your baby cousin expressed their love with a nice firm yank on your necklace. Send us an email at hello@shwjewelry.com! Please include your name or the name of the person that purchased it and a picture of the piece before bringing or shipping it to our East Village location in Manhattan.

SHW will always try to cover the cost of repairs during the first year of owning the piece. If your fine jewelry incurs damage after one year, all repairs will be done at cost. You will receive a price quote in our initial email response. We reserve the right to refuse complimentary repairs if we feel due diligence was not done to follow our Jewelry Care Guide.

All repairs and size adjustments take 1-2 weeks.

While we hope your pieces have a long and healthy life with you, it is best to be prepared. For all our customers, and especially SHW wedding jewelry owners, we recommend insuring your new piece. You may add it to your home insurance policy or choose a third-party jewelry insurer. Please email us at hello@shwjewelry.com, if you have any questions.