Frequently Asked Questions


Our jewelry is designed and handmade one piece at a time in New York City by our head jewelry designer, Urte Tylaite who works in collaboration with a small team of expert jewelers. Our design and production process is intimate, with each step being carefully considered. We are completely transparent and we share each step with you as your custom piece is being crafted. The result, luxury fine jewelry and the ability to create one-of-a-kind high quality jewelry pieces that are made to last. Additionally, this allows us to maintain great care of your piece throughout the years. Bring it in for cleaning, checking the settings and repairs.

All of our pieces are crafted with recycled 14k & 18k yellow, white, and rose gold as well as .925 sterling silver and platinum. All of our natural diamonds are sourced ethically and traced from their initial extraction. Our lab-grown diamonds are formed in a sustainable laboratory. We also work with a wide variety of fair-trade gemstones that go beyond what is listed on our website. To learn more in-depth about the materials used in our collection, visit our Materials page.

Recycled gold is gold that was previously a part of another jewelry piece. A gold refinery melts down collected pieces of jewelry, runs them through a filtering process and ensures that they attain the same level of purity as newly mined gold. Gold can be infinitely recycled without ever losing its integrity. By utilizing recycled gold, we maintain a process for crafting our gold jewelry that is sustainable and keeps our environment in mind.

The difference between 14k & 18k gold is primarily a preference in the metal’s tone. Yellow, rose, and white gold have a warmer yellow tone in 18k whereas 14k gold is slightly less rich in its yellow hue.

14k gold is the strongest of all golds, we recommend using it for very delicate settings. For more sculptural designs, both 14k & 18k are wonderful options.

Our white gold pieces are not plated, but can be upon request. Plating will wear off overtime, but you can always bring your piece back to us to be replated. Rhodium-plated white gold looks closer to platinum visually. By leaving our white gold pieces unplated they maintain a warm tone to their appearance.


This finish is a result of the ring's surface being highly polished. The piece will become slightly less shiny over the years as it naturally builds small scratches. We include a jewelry polishing cloth with every order which can be used to restore the ring’s original shine. Pieces can always be brought back to us to be repolished at our studio.


This finish is a result of the ring’s surface being brushed in one direction, allowing for a matte look to be present. We include a brushing cloth to maintain this brushed finish or you can always bring your piece back for us to brush it for you.


The most matte finish, a result of a sandblasting process which removes any reflection on the rings surface. Over the years, this finish will acquire polished areas in high points of the ring and at its edges. Pieces can always be brought back to us to be refinished at our studio.


Yes, our collection is open to customization. To learn more about the process, visit our Customization Page. Styles from our solitaire collection can be customized to your preference, to view all styles visit our All Settings Page.

Our process is intimate and we will adapt to your preferences. We recommend scheduling an initial in-person or remote appointment to discuss your project and timeline.

To read more about: Customizing Engagement Rings and Gemstone pieces.

To read more about: Customizing Wedding Bands

This process is our recommendation, however we will work around your timeline and our steps can be personalized.

Book an appointment to start a conversation.

Our timeline for crafting custom rings varies upon design. Our wedding bands take around 2-4 weeks whereas our engagement rings and other gemstone jewelry pieces can take around 6-8 weeks. Have a deadline in mind? Please reach out to us to discuss expediting your order

Yes, our settings can be customized and set with your personal & heirloom diamonds or gemstones. Our intimate design process allows us to ensure the piece you are considering is crafted harmoniously with your gemstone. If your stones are in another piece of jewelry, we can remove and utilize them, returning the original setting to you.

Book an appointment which can be in-person or remote, to discuss with our certified gemologist your customization requests. Or email with pictures and information about your gemstone/diamond and what designs in our collection interest you.

We provide free of charge engravings for all wedding jewelry. The engravings can be finalized and shared with us before we start producing the rings, at a later date after we have begun crafting them, or brought back into us anytime to be engraved. All other jewelry pieces can be engraved for $20-$40 depending on the number of characters selected. Below is a list of all of the engraving fonts that we work with. Please email to inquire.

Once you select a gemstone/diamond for your custom piece, we ask that you submit a 50% deposit within 2 days so that we can secure it. We will email you a link to payment where you will have an option to use a credit card or Paypal. Please contact us if you prefer submitting a payment via wire transfer, so that we can accommodate. The remaining 50% balance is due once the jewelry piece is completed and ready for pickup or before shipping.


Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds grown in a laboratory environment which replicates the conditions of earth’s natural diamond formation process. Regarding their chemical composition, lab-grown and mined natural diamonds are indistinguishable.

Lab-grown diamonds can only be identified as such in a laboratory environment and cannot be told apart by the human eye or even a microscope. Natural diamonds form in all directions whereas lab grown diamonds form upwards on a flat surface. As a result, lab grown diamonds have a slightly different internal graining which can only be identified by special laboratorial equipment which tests the diamond’s formation direction. The production of lab-grown diamonds is still a process of great intricacy. It takes approximately one week for a lab-grown diamond that is 1.00ct in weight to form. The initial set up costs for a laboratory as well as the shorter time it takes to produce lab-grown diamonds over the excavation process of natural diamonds results in lab-grown diamonds being less expensive.

Both natural and lab-grown diamonds undergo the exact same cutting and certification process. Lab-grown diamonds are carefully cut, polished, inspected, and certified the same way a natural diamond is. All of our diamonds both lab-grown and natural come with either GIA (The Gemological Institute of America) or IGI (The International Gemological Institute) certificates.

Have further questions or inquiries? Book an appointment to speak with our certified gemologist and jewelry designer here.

Yes, following your direction we will gladly work with any fair-trade gemstone of your desires. Our certified gemologist will prepare a selection of gemstones for you to choose from that is curated to best visually and structurally fit the design you are considering. We always strive to find the highest quality gemstones. We will go out of our way to source you a unique, rare stone including growing a custom lab-grown diamond or recutting a gemstone that we find to your desired cut when it is needed. Book an appointment with our certified gemologist to discuss different gemstones or email us to inquire about a specific one

When deciding on a gemstone for your jewelry piece, it is important to check the gemstone’s harness on the Mohs scale. The Mohs scale ranks gemstones and minerals in hardness from 1 to 10. The lower end of the scale represents the softest minerals and gemstones and the higher end represents the hardest. The higher the number a gemstone/mineral receives on the Mohs scale, the more suitable it is for everyday wear in a jewelry piece. The lower the number, the more likely the jewelry piece will require special care, such as taking it off before engaging in strenuous activities. Keeping the Mohs scale in mind is especially important for rings and bracelets, less so for necklaces and earrings. Looking to discuss gemstones further? Book an appointment with our certified gemologist.

Since most colorless diamonds contain a subtle hint of yellow, they are graded for their lack of color. Gemologists assign letters D (colorless) through Z (light yellow) to grade colorless diamonds. To read more in depth on color grading please visit our Diamond Guide.

If you are looking for a colorless diamond, our recommendation is selecting one with a color grading between D through I.

For platinum or white gold settings, we recommend diamonds with a color grading between D through G since these metal tones make subtle hints of yellow stand out more.

For yellow gold settings, H & I color gradings also make for great options since the metal tone will hide the subtle hints of yellow in the diamond.

We will always strive for the highest quality gemstones and diamonds at the best, most competitive prices the market has to offer. However, if you happen to find the same gemstone or diamond with the same certification number listed online at a lower price, we will certainly honor a price match.


For rings with larger gemstones/diamonds we recommend selecting a tight fit, as they tend to rotate around the finger when worn. We additionally recommend choosing 0.25 size smaller for single band rings in our engagement ring collection, as they feature open settings making them fit slightly bigger.

For bands, we recommend choosing 0.25 size smaller than your true size for delicate, less wide styles. For wider bands we recommend 0.25 to 0.5 bigger as they are more constricting. If you plan to wear your band all the time, we recommend a tight fit. If you prefer to be able to easily remove the band, a slightly looser fit will be better.

Please note that we offer one free of charge resizing within the first year of purchase. We recommend that you wear your ring for a little while before making a decision to have it adjusted as ring sizes fluctuate.

Yes, all of the chains on our necklaces and bracelets can be made in any length. Please email with your desired length and design and we will happily assist in placing your order. All customized lengths take 1-2 weeks to produce.

Resizing a ring takes 1-2 weeks. We only resize rings from our collection.

We offer one free resize after your ring is crafted within one year of the original purchase.

Please email and we will mail you a ring sizer, free of charge.


Yes, we would be happy to! Please email and let us know which piece you would like to receive photos of.

Yes, we offer free ring cleaning for all rings purchased with us. Please bring it back to our showroom for cleaning, we will have it ready for pick up within one week. In a rush? Please email and we will work with your timeline. If you plan to ship your ring for cleaning, please email us and we will accommodate.

Yes, we provide appraisals for all of our wedding jewelry and upon request will happily issue them for all other jewelry pieces in our collection. Please email or let us know during your visit at our East Village showroom if you would like to receive an appraisal for your order.

We recommend Jeweler’s Mutual for jewelry insurance, many of our customers have relayed to us great experiences working with them. Adding it to your renters or homeowners insurance may also make a good option. To read more in detail, visit our Jewelry Insurance page.

We will happily provide you an appraisal, which may be requested by an insurer, for any jewelry piece purchased through us.

Note: if you provided your own stone, we will only appraise our setting and you will need a separate appraisal for the stone. Consider an outside appraiser to appraise the entire piece in this case.


Yes. All orders in the continental U.S ship via UPS and outside of the continental U.S via DHL. For international orders, taxes and duties will be calculated at checkout. We provide tracking information via email as soon as your order is shipped. All of our home goods and ready to ship jewelry orders ship within two business days.

To read more visit our shipping information page.

In a rush? Please email us and we will make sure to expedite processing your order.

All of our shipments are insured to their full value. All wedding rings ship via UPS 2 day signature required. If you would prefer overnight or to not sign for the package upon delivery, please email us at and we will accommodate.

In-store purchases:

Purchases may be exchanged for store credit or refund within 21 days. All custom orders, including rings that have been resized, are final sale.

Online purchases:

Domestic orders may be returned within 21 days for a refund or exchange. Please email with your original order number to request a return authorization. All custom orders and custom ring sizes are final sale.

International orders placed online are not eligible for returns or exchanges. Customers are responsible for taxes, tariffs and fees.

To read more visit our Refunds & Returns page.