Nate Cotterman

Antonia and Nate Cotterman with their son

Nate Cotterman is a trained glass blower, creating simple forms to highlight the natural beauty of the multipurpose material. He graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in glass and is now one of seven artists in residence at Penland School of Crafts. Nate and his wife, Antonia Campanella, operate the designer’s own line of glassware together in North Carolina.

Focusing on growing their business, we’ve asked Nate and Antonia what it’s been like to live and work during the time of Coronavirus. Learn more about how the two have been staying positive and appreciating spending time with their son, Arlo, below.

Have you started practicing a new daily ritual that you didn’t have time for or that you didn’t feel the need for previously?

Nate: Lots of espresso, some fishing, & a sourdough starter.
Antonia: Trying to exercise some how, each day, with my 3 year old!

Did you start reading or watching anything recently that brings you comfort?

N: Watching Meat Eater, with my son, on Netflix

A: The Book of Hygge: The Danish Art of Contentment, Comfort, and Connection—the title says it all.

Staying home has meant more time to be in the kitchen for us. Have you been cooking? Have you discovered any nourishing recipes that are your favorite right now?

N: For me making waffles with our son, and I have been looking forward to fishing for trout & catfish.
A: I feel like all I do is cook now, but I love cooking, trying to have a lot of different prepped parts to be versatile with meals. Quinoa, potatoes, roasted veggies, ground turkey, eggs, lettuce & avocado! Tacos are easy and delicious.

“We are working through it as we go. Remembering that this is happening to everyone in the world right now connects us all, and we think makes us act more human with each other.”

Moss Balloon Vases at Still House

Short Balloon Vase by Nate Cotterman

Any playlists or artists you can share for focusing while working, unwinding in the evening, or releasing pent up energy any time of day?

N & A: We have a variety of playlists on Spotify, and we like introducing Arlo to music, so recently we have been revisiting The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Bob Marley, and learning Spanish.

It can be hard to get exercise when we’re inside most of the day. Have you found fun ways to get physical activity in? 

N: Love hiking with my family, riding my bike.

A: Yes, we put exercise into everything, and we currently live on a beautiful campus in North Carolina, with countless acres to roam and explore, including a river. We do Zumba together, I enjoy yoga & HIIT workouts.

Have you begun any unexpected projects? 

N: Yes, finishing or tending to all sorts of loose ends; framing artwork, fixing doors, etc.

A: Being with my son all the time now, I am creating projects based on Montessori learning for him and I to experience and learn from.

If you’re currently working from home, what helps you balance home life from work life? Do you have any boundaries between the two that keep you productive?

N & A: Boundaries are a struggle, but we guess having a schedule with what we do know helps us create some kind of structure to work from.

How have you been staying connected to family, friends, and the outside world?

N & A: Yes!

Any tips for boosting our immune systems and staying healthy?

N & A: Rest, yummy food, water, moving your body.

Do you have any general/overall advice for remaining calm during this period? What has felt restorative for you?

N & A: No advice, we are working through it as we go. Remembering that this is happening to everyone in the world right now connects us all, and we think makes us act more human with each other.


Interview by Ivy Schneider