Takada Tawashi

Tawashi are traditional Japanese cleaning brushes that are intricately made from fibers of windmill palm. For 70 years, manufacturer Takada Tawashi has been using the ancient technique, handcrafting their extensive variety of brushes one-at-a-time. Dedicated to sourcing the finest and highest quality materials, they carefully harvest from trees in the Wakayama Prefecture of the Kishu region of Japan, free of chemicals like pesticides and disinfectants. Incredibly soft, the brushes are suitable for bathing as well as scrubbing fruits, vegetables, dishes, and surfaces, never leaving scratches or irritation. Tawashi have been part of everyday life in Japan for centuries, doubling as being beautiful and functional objects. Made to last for 10 to 20 years, Takada Tawashi products improve with age and are always made by people, for people.