Hand-crafted and beautifully designed, our well-considered collection of soy candles are biodegradable and have a lower melting point, making them burn slower and last longer. You can enjoy their fragrances, from earthy sandalwood to fresh cut flowers, for many hours. Whether in your living room or by your bedside table,
these candles invite warmth and peaceful scents of nature indoors. They are a perfect opportunity to begin a ritual for yourself; to pause and unwind.

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Our selection of soy wax candles is minimal yet thoughtful, coming from California-based studio, AYDRY & Co. Founded in Los Angeles, Ayu Carlton started her line in 2016 inspired by nature and life’s most special moments. She believes in the importance of using vegan and cruelty-free ingredients that help protect the environment, always searching for the highest quality and ethically sourced materials for her products. Learn more about our collection of designers.

AYDRY & Co. uses a blend of soy and coconut wax for their candles, which allows for a clean and long-lasting burn. For the best experience, the team recommends trimming your wick before lighting to remove any “bloom” from previous burns. Soy based candles help make your home or personal space feel more welcoming and calming. When lit, the glow of the flame adds warmth and brightness, inviting everyone around to relax. You can consider placing your candle on a trivet or tray to protect your surfaces and add a subtle accent to the room.

Additionally, soy candles make a perfect gift to yourself and to others. Our collection has a variety of different scents so you can find the perfect one. From tea-like smells to more floral ones, we have many options to offer and suggest. Need styling advice? You can contact us at or 212.539.0200 and we’d be happy to assist!