Handmade and beautifully designed, our well-considered collection from local artists makes us one of the best gift shops in NYC. Whether you’re looking for something small or more intricate, our variety of options ranges from expertly scented candles to one-of-a-kind ceramic vases. Versatile, simple, and timeless, these pieces are made in small quantities and are primarily crafted in the New York area. Giving a gift to a loved one or even to yourself, our selection can be enjoyed for years to come.

For the best gift shopping in NYC, browse our pieces that are minimal yet thoughtful, always coming from highly skilled makers with attentiveness to detail and an eye for good design. Our artists are mainly based in the New York area, working in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and in certain parts upstate. These individuals include Hudson Beach Glass, Marge Lurie, Robert Hessler, SIN, and more, whose pieces range in size, shape, color, and texture.

Additionally, our growing list of makers outside New York come from across the United States, Canada, Denmark, and Japan. They’re all dedicated to using the highest quality and ethically sourced materials for their one-of-a-kind formations—the expression of human touch always noticeable. Learn more about our collection of designers.

Our shop has a wide range of pieces that are functional, practical, and aesthetically pleasing. For a unique gift idea, you can customize your own set, such as a mug and teapot, incense sticks and a holder, a couple drinking glasses paired with a wine or beverage of your choice, or even a ceramic or glass flower vase paired with a fresh bouquet. You can browse more of our interior goods to see other possibilities.

We also carry jewelry at our gift shop. Our collection is quite extensive, including our first in-house line, Still House Jewelry, in addition to other like-minded designers, such as Melissa Joy Manning and TARA 4779. The mixture of fine jewelry we offer spans from minimally shaped studs to pavé diamond necklaces. All our pieces are crafted from solid 14k gold or sterling silver in New York City. Need styling advice? You can contact us at or 212.539.0200 and we’d be happy to assist!