Cast Iron Small Pan

Kamasada Studio

$ 70.00

Known for making Nambu Tekki, traditional Japanese ironware, Kamasada Studio uses centuries-old techniques to create contemporary home accessories. Led by third-generation master craftsman Nobohu Miya, their workshop is based in the Iwate Prefecture.

Cast iron

Height is 1.5”
Width is 11.75”

Ideal for high-heat cooking
Will become increasingly non-stick overtime
Made in Japan

Though pan has a natural lacquer coating so it won’t rust, it’s still important to go through a few rounds of seasoning (we recommend fresh-pressed flaxseed oil)
Focus on cooking high-fat dishes at moderate temperatures initially
Clean by scrubbing with a dishwashing brush or tawashi before pouring out excess fat, rinsing briefly with hot water, and wiping dry with a clean towel before re-oiling if needed
Avoid soaking cast iron in water for extended periods of time — when using water, keep contact relatively short and immediately dry
Do not apply soap to pan because it will strip pan of natural fatty seal you’re trying to form

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