Copal Incense


$ 25.00

Erika and Pete Panciera founded Norden in 2014 with a mission to bring warmth and comfort to home through thoughtfully designed objects that are produced locally in small batches. Based in Southern California, their goods are inspired by fond memories in nature. 

Natural Mexican grey copal resin
Custom tube

Incense stick length is 11.5"
Tube width is 2"
Tube height is 12.5"

Smells resinous, floral, & woody
Copal incense is made of resins from copal tree, Protium copal (Burseraceae)
Grey copal has high amounts of terpene called linalool, which gives the incense its floral & wood-like scent
10 sticks per pack
90 minute burn time per stick
Hand-rolled in Mexico, packaged in California

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