Order A Custom Band

The circle is quite a simple form, yet has always had significant meaning; a circle of friends, to come full circle, the circle of life. With no beginning nor end, it is a symbol of eternity. Rings and bands, having circular shapes, share this same idea. No matter your occasion, they are meant to be worn forever. As such, choosing one that suits you best can take mindful consideration.

We offer a wide range of proportions for our flat, domed, square, round, and knife-edge bands. Before you decide to order a finished piece in yellow or white gold, select any number of styles in silver to try on at home.

Don’t know your ring size or need assistance deciding what dimensions to select? Email us your mailing address to hello@shwjewelry.com and we will send you a free ring sizer and mini ruler.

Other details you might want to know (FAQs):

Your silver ring samples take up to two weeks to ship. Once you decide which is the one for you, the finished band in gold will take an additional two weeks to make. In a rush? Shop our band collection for the pieces available to order now.

Dimensions refer to the ring width and height and profile refers to the shape you would see if the ring was viewed at a cross section.

Silver ring samples range in price from $80 to $120. The finished gold bands generally range from $250-350 for delicate pieces, $450-750 for medium-thickness pieces, and $800-1200 for more sculptural pieces. If you are interested in knowing the exact price of a gold ring before ordering a silver sample, email us at hello@shwjewelry.com and we’ll send you a price-list for all variations.

Our bands can be ordered in 14k yellow or white gold. If you are interested in platinum, rose gold, or a different karat yellow or white gold, please email us at hello@shwjewelry.com to discuss.

Silver ring samples ship free of charge in continental US via UPS ground and include a USPS return label. Your order will be refunded in 1-2 business days after the ring samples arrive back.

We do not ship silver band samples internationally at this time.

Want to discuss this further? Schedule a time to chat with us on the phone. It usually takes up to 30 minutes, but we can keep it as short or long as you would like. Check available times and book an appointment here

You can always send us an email to hello@shwjewelry.com instead.