Palo Santo Incense

Fredericks & Mae

$ 18.00

Light wood, blow out as soon as it ignites, and let smoke cleanse your space with a calming scent. Rest it on a Hasami Porcelain Mini Platein a Hudson Beach Glass 3” Spike Bowl, or in a Mondays Golden Blue Small Bowl.

Fredericks and Mae was started by Gabriel Fredericks Cohen and Jolie Mae Signorile, who met through a shared admiration of materials. Since 2007, the pair has been designing objects rooted in whimsy, curiosity, and love out of their Brooklyn, NY studio. 

Dried Palo Santo tree bark
Paper container

Container diameter is 2.5"
Container height is 5"

Comes with six sticks 
Usage dates back to the Incan era
Works as a natural mosquito repellent 
Made in Ecuador and packaged in Brooklyn, NY

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